Level 1 Study Programme FAQ’s



What does the course involve?

4 days’ a week (Monday-Thursday 9am-4pm), term time only.

3 days’ work experience, one day practical workshop (Covid-19 permitting)

Days/times can be flexible depending on individual circumstances.

How long does the course last?

There is 2 parts to a level 1 qualification and individual requirements and timescales can be varied to suit individual needs. We aim to complete the course between 4 and 9 months depending on how many units you are doing.

Do I have to find my own work experience?

No, we can arrange a work placement for you. Please let us know if you have a particular setting in mind. We consider where you live and your travel and can arrange work placements to suit your needs.

What areas of Childcare will I learn about?

We cover a wide range of topics within childcare including, communication, child development, craft activities, music, healthy eating and most importantly how play encourages a child to learn. We also cover interview skills and CV writing to help you when apply for future jobs.

What areas of Business Administration will I learn about?

We cover a wide range of topics within business administration including, business communication, personal performance and development, working in a business environment, health and safety, working with other and principles of administration. We also cover interview skills and CV writing to help you when applying for future jobs.

Will there be others on my course?

Yes. The workshops are run in groups, due to Covid-19 at present these are currently being run online. We hope to bring these back to being in person soon.

How do I join the level 1 course?

All you need to do is contact us to arrange a chat to discuss your individual requirements and available options.

Are there any entry requirements?

No, you do not need any qualifications or previous experience for this course.

Do I need a police check (DBS)?

A free DBS check will be provided for you at the start of your course before work experience takes place.

When can I start?

All students must have a returned DBS before starting work experience (if working in a childcare setting). You can join the course at any point in the year.

How much will I be paid?

This is a voluntary course so there is no wage involved, however you can access a bursary fund if criteria is met (your trainer will/can discuss this in detail with you).

How will I get to the course if I have no money for travel?

You can access a bursary fund to reimburse this if criteria is met.

What do I need to wear?

We will provide a t-shirt that is to be worn with black trousers and comfortable shoes.

No leggings or flip flops.

Is there opportunity for me to update my English and Maths?

Yes, as part of the level 1 study programme course we provide Maths and English functional skills at a level suitable for each individual, if applicable to the course undertaking.

What can I do once I have finished the level 1?

Throughout your course we will be looking at upcoming vacancies for apprenticeships and working with you to apply or help you move forward into further education, training or employment of your choice.