Shining Stars Childminding

I have been with Aspire training team for three years, I have completed my own level 3 in childcare and my three assistants have/ are doing their level 2 in childcare, I would highly recommend Aspire to anyone who is looking to complete a childcare qualification. Aspire are consistent with the welfare of their students/ customers.

Kelly Shaw Level 3 and Level 2 Childcare Apprenticeships


I completed my NVQ L3 Business & Administration with Aspire and the support and guidance I received was amazing. I have previously completed other NVQ's with different training providers and they do not compare to the training provided by Aspire.

Terri Smithers Business and Administration Apprentice


I would recommend doing an apprenticeship to others as you will gain more knowledge and experience more which can help you build your career!

Chantelle Bennett Business and Administration Apprentice


I would recommend doing an apprenticeship to anyone, I have found it a great experience and I am now more confident in myself.

Francesca Scrivens Level 2 Childcare Apprentice


The Buddy Course has really helped me to become more aware of the different ways I can support my colleagues, that I would have never thought of.

Hannah Fugatt Buddy Course


Aspire is friendly and welcoming, my assessor is also amazing

Jas Business and Administration Apprentice


What I feel Aspire Training team does really well is that they are always a phone call away and are always happy to support their learners. They are so supportive when you are finding something challenging and are always willing to point you in the right direction. I think the training team's strengths are that they are so supportive and when challenges arise, they always have ideas of how to overcome things, which gives me confidence and trust as a learner.

Rebecca Sherred


I have almost completed my Level 3 Business Admin qualification. I have received so much help throughout both my Level 2 and 3. Thank you Louise- I couldn't have done it without your help.

Jessica Business and Administration Apprentice


My apprenticeship has been a huge benefit and has enabled me to understand the careers I am interested in, helped me gain knowledge and experience within these fields and has become one of the best decisions I have made.

Joe Danks Business and Administration Apprentice


Jane has really endeavoured her time into advising me and assisting me in answering end point assessment questions. She made me feel relaxed and supported in my upcoming assessment as I was nervous but with her calming nature she was able to turn my perspective straight around. From my first zoom call with her I hadn't a clue of how or what to say for the end point but as my confidence began to grow she enabled me to answer and give outstanding examples from her knowledge and experience of being an end point assessor herself. Overall Jane has been an outstanding help in me successfully achieving a distinction in my end point and with her lovely aura she has given me faith and hope in believing in myself. Thank you so much Jane.

Erin Ball Level 3 Apprentice


The support I have received so far from my assessor has been amazing, nothing is too much trouble for her. Debbi is always willing to help and support me no matter the time. I find my assessor is always very positive and explains questions to me in a way that I understand, and has the patience of a saint. So I just wanted to say a massive thank you Debbi for all your time and hard work spent on me.

Adele Stacey


I have just completed my Level 3 Childcare qualification and couldn’t have done it without the support and guidance from my assessor Justine and the team at Aspire. Thank you.

Debbie Bird Level 3 Childcare Apprentice


Excellent training, my assessor is just wonderful makes me smile everyday, picks me up when I’m down and makes training and studying much more enjoyable. She is excellent at her job, so kind and caring and encourages me to work much harder!

Rhiannon Ditchburn


I enjoyed the course overall. Especially how we had our own one-to-one time with our assessors in order to ask any questions and to ask for support regarding to the course.

Abi Level 2 Childcare Apprentice


My assessor was very helpful and was always there when I needed advice. Learning new skills and how to set up challenging activities with different resources.

Kirsty Level 3 Childcare Apprentice


A great things that the training team do is making sure their learners are comfortable and happy at their setting- always making sure their emotional wellbeing is good.

Emilia Joss

Level 1 Learner

Whilst training with Aspire, we had regular enrichment days which I highly enjoyed. Training was simple and they were well resourced to give you the support you need. Really cared about my progression with full communication.

Level 1 Learner Level 1 Childcare

Somerset – JC

After not completing any studying for a few years, really enjoyed the course and learning new processes. It will help me when at work improving processes and the way we work.

Somerset – JC Business Improvement Techniques

Swindon and Wiltshire – CMR

I think this course highlighted all the important aspects of a business administrator role. I enjoyed learning about the different job roles a business administrator has, and putting this into my own daily job role. I am currently doing one administrator office but will take over another office, so will have to look after two. This course has helped me to figure out how I will manage this.

Swindon and Wiltshire – CMR Business Administration

Dorset - PR

I enjoyed completing the different units on this course and looking at different topics, this gave me more of an insight into what team leading is all about, which has helped me further my development in my everyday working life. I really enjoyed doing this course as it has helped me gain more skills and knowledge that will help me in my role as a supervisor.

Dorset - PR Principles of Team Leading


Very happy with the content of the course, it made me consider my practices. My Assessor has been really helpful.

Devon Business and Administration Apprentice

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