Level 2 Early Years Practitioner Apprentice NAW Case Study – Charlotte Andrews

Charlotte is completing a Level 2 Early Years Practitioner Apprenticeship with Aspire Training Team at at Hordle Primary School in the Hen Nursery.

Why an apprenticeship?

Myself and my 6-year-old moved to a new area and before moving, I previously worked in an estate agency, but the hours did not work around my family. I used to teach dance to 2–15-year old’s as a Saturday job and when I saw the apprenticeship opportunity come up at my sons school, it was absolutely perfect to work around our family life. The apprenticeship has helped me enhance my qualifications while also providing an income. I prefer the practical side, where you are learning on the job you are doing and then this can help towards your coursework side.

Tell me about your apprenticeship and what you love most about it?

I love working with the children each day and helping them learn new skills. I work with 2–4-year-olds and unfortunately some of them have not been in a setting environment before due to the COVID Pandemic. It has been lovely to get to know these children and help them come out of their comfort zone.

What accomplishment are you most proud of and why?

To complete my CACHE Level 2, due to shielding down to the COVID pandemic. There was one point where I didn’t think I would not be able to complete it, due to not having enough hours towards my course and to not be able to be in the setting to get the day to day experience.

In your opinion, what are the benefits of an apprenticeship?

Benefits of the apprenticeship is that you are learning on the job instead of doing a course to learn all the theory and then try and find a job after. While you are learning on the job, it benefits you and your coursework as you should know the basics to put this into your essays and assignments.

What skills have you developed during your time as an apprentice?

I have improved in my creative side during my apprenticeship. I was never very keen on art or crafts but being in a nursery setting has helped me developed my skills.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years? What are your future plans and aspirations?

After now completing my Level 2, I will be moving onto my Level 3. I would like to hopefully work towards being a room leader or look into the different side of a school setting through the admin side.

What advice would you give to someone considering an apprenticeship?

To get your coursework done as soon as it is set, working full time towards your apprenticeship takes up your day, but if you answer one question a night on an essay it will soon get it done. The benefit is that you are getting paid to learn and gain your qualification and this will help you build towards your career.

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