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Communicate with Confidence Using Makaton in Your Classroom

Educators and children engaging in Makaton communication, using signs and symbols to enhance understanding and promote inclusive early years education.

In the world of early years education, effective communication lays the foundation for growth, learning, and meaningful connections. For children finding alternative ways to express themselves becomes crucial. That’s where Makaton, a unique language program combining speech, signs, and symbols, comes into play.

The benefits it brings for both educators and children in need:

  • Amplify Communication Skills: In the early years setting, clear communication is key to creating a supportive environment. Our Makaton workshop equips educators with a powerful toolset of signs and symbols, enabling them to effectively communicate with children who may struggle with verbal language. By incorporating Makaton into daily interactions, educators can bridge communication gaps, enhance understanding, and foster a sense of belonging.


  • Foster Inclusion and Participation: For children who face communication challenges, Makaton opens a world of possibilities. By learning and using Makaton alongside verbal language, educators empower children to express themselves more confidently. This not only enhances their social interactions but also promotes active participation in classroom activities. Makaton serves as a bridge that helps children feel included, valued, and understood, fostering a positive learning environment for all.

  • Strengthen Language Development: Research shows that using Makaton alongside spoken language stimulates language development in young children. By engaging both the visual and auditory senses, Makaton supports vocabulary expansion, comprehension, and sentence formation. The multisensory approach of Makaton aids memory retention and reinforces language skills, providing a solid foundation for future academic success.

  • Improve Social Interaction: Effective communication is at the heart of meaningful social connections. Makaton empowers children to initiate and engage in conversations, paving the way for improved social interactions with peers and adults alike. Through Makaton, children gain the confidence to express their thoughts, feelings, and needs, fostering positive relationships and reducing frustration.

Unlock the transformative power of Makaton and witness the positive impact it can have in early years settings. The Makaton – Early Years taster workshop will be conducted virtually by Jane Burrows, a Licensed Makaton Regional Tutor.

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