How to make yourself stand out as an apprentice

Apprenticeships can be scary: meeting new people, first time working experiences, responsibilities – it’s plenty to worry anyone. But, if you truly want to make the most of it, the best thing for you to do is stand out. Not only will this make you memorable, it could be the thing that ensures you a job at the end of it. Here are some ways you could make yourself successfully stand out to your employer.

  1. Be enthusiastic

Make sure that the apprenticeships you’re applying for are in roles or sectors that you find enjoyable. Passion is a crucial thing when it comes to motivation and the more you have, the greater you’ll be at your job.

  1. Be prepared to learn

Ask lots of questions and be prepared to learn and take on new responsibilities all the time. You’ll be in a team of people with a wealth of experience and knowledge. They’ll admire your initiative and will be more than prepared to teach you whatever they know.

  1. Remember, qualifications aren’t everything

Companies understand that the majority of young people applying for apprenticeships have no real work experience, they expect this. They can guide you through all of their processes and systems, but what they can’t give you is passion and drive for the role you’re doing. If you have this, then they’ll be willing to give you a chance.

  1. Know your value

Understand what you have to offer a business, whether it’s amazing tech knowledge, customer service skills or a craving for knowledge that keeps everyone on their toes. Whatever it is, make sure you embrace it in everything you do so that you can demonstrate your worth to your employers.

  1. Get involved

If your company has a social group or a committee, you should definitely get involved. This will give you an opportunity to meet new people and learn about the way the company works. Having connections in the business is an extremely helpful resource, which can help you further your career.

  1. Understand why you’re doing an apprenticeship

Make sure that you’re doing your apprenticeship for the right reasons; money and the desire to leave school might not be adequate enough to ensure you really benefit from your course. Speak to a training adviser to get advice on which course is appropriate for you before you sign up!

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