Meet Our Level 2 Childcare Apprentice – Lucy Manyweathers

Lucy is currently completing her Level 2 Childcare Apprenticeship at Tops Parkstone. She recently joined an initiative to receive a Lenovo M10 tablet with 24GB of data completely free, to help her with her education and training.

Find out more about Lucy’s experience as a Level 2 Childcare Apprentice and how the initiative has helped her…

  1. Why did you choose to complete the Level 2 Early Years Practitioner Apprenticeship?

I choose to complete this because I like working with children and want to progress onto my level 3, I enjoy supporting children and seeing them learn and grow.

  1. What do you do as part of your day to day role?

I set up activities for the children and join in with them, I complete observations on the children whilst undertaking activities, I ensure the children are safe and follow procedures of the setting. I work as part of a team which helps me grow as a practitioner.

  1. What part of your job do you enjoy the most?

I enjoy working with the children and seeing them develop as young people.

  1. What are you thinking of doing after your Level 2 Apprenticeship?

I have learnt so much as a level 2 and looking forward to progressing onto my level 3.

  1. What advice would you give others thinking about doing an apprenticeship/training with Aspire?

I would tell them that there is always someone to talk to when you are stuck, they are there to help, we work together, your trainer is so supportive and encouraging. I would always say use Aspire Training Team, you get to work in the setting and learn whilst training.

  1. How is the IT equipment you received going to support and benefit you with your learning?

It will help me complete my coursework, and enable me to email my trainer when I am stuck. Help me access the policies better and ensure I am up to date with what I should be doing. I can also use the equipment for other training as due to covid-19 lots have been remote and I have had to access zoom for this, which is difficult on your phone.


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