Meet the Team – Rob Arnold, Business Development Manager

Isn’t it always nicer to meet the person behind the name?

Meet Rob Arnold, our business development manager. As well as let you know what has changed in his world since the last time we wrote about him.

Rob has kindly answered some questions about his role within Aspire Training Team to let you know more about the person you hear about and speak to.


Rob Arnold


“So, Rob, what do you do as part of your day to day role?”

I am the Business Development Manager for Aspire Training Team, my role involves me contacting businesses and developing relationships with them to enable me to support their training needs, this could be anything from recruiting an apprentice, upskilling their existing staff through our wide range of long course or providing something much more short term with our range of short courses.

I also manage the Business Development Team.

“What part of your job do you enjoy the most?”

I enjoy the variety that my job role offers, I get the opportunity to speak to so many different people who have a wide range of different requirements. There is nothing better than building up a long term relationship with a business and they know that they can come back to you and instantly know the high level of service that they will receive and their needs and expectations will be met.

One of the most rewarding aspects of my role is seeing an apprentice that you have worked with right from the start of their career complete their course and move on to a higher level qualification.

“Are there benefits to an employer to taking on an apprentice?”

Yes, of course, there are some huge benefits. If you recruit a brand new apprentice you can train them the way that you want them to work and so that they fit in with your current operational processes. The costs are very low, you may even be entitled to receive an incentive payment. A new apprentice can breathe new life into your business and they are usually very enthusiastic and full of energy.

Apprenticeships are not just for new employees either, they can be used to upskill your existing team members and it is proven that investing in your teams training and development is a great way to improve staff retention and with very little cost to the business.

“How can an employer go about getting an apprentice Rob?”

The easiest way is to just give me a call, we can then discuss your requirements and I can give you the best solution. We can talk about any funding that you may be entitled to and also complete the necessary paperwork over the phone once you decide that you are ready to proceed further.

Aspire Training Team also offer a free apprenticeship recruitment service, this is designed to support you in finding your apprentice and ensuring that they are the right fit for your business. We pre-screen potential applicants before you decide which ones you would like to invite for an interview. It’s also proven that by working together we can fill your vacancy much more quickly and effectively.

“What advice would you give to employers who are undecided about apprenticeships?”

I would advise any employer who is sat on the fence when it comes to apprenticeships to have an informal chat with me, no obligations to proceed but we can discuss the benefits and any doubts or concerns that the employer may have about recruiting an apprentice for their business. Costs are minimal particularly for smaller businesses as there is government funding available. It could be one of the best decisions that you have ever made for your business.

Additionally, it doesn’t always involve recruiting a new team member to complete the apprenticeship, your existing staff are eligible to complete an apprenticeship alongside their current job role.

“Finally, what sectors are you currently able to offer apprenticeships in?”

Currently Aspire Training Team offer apprenticeships in Child Care, Business Administration, Customer Service and Leadership and Management.

If you would like some help or support with your potential apprentice(s), contact us today to see how we can support you.

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