Message from Cheryl Hadland regarding the EU Referendum

“We’ve all woken up this morning to a momentous decision and the next few months will be uncertain ones, but one thing we do know is that in the next 2 years we will be out of the EU. I feel it’s important to stress that we are still Europeans. As a company, and I’m sure as a country, we still welcome and appreciate all our colleagues and families from Europe. I’m from an immigrant family to the UK myself, a few generations ago, and this is the time to stand up and be proud to be of immigrant extraction and contributing to this economy and enjoying this country. I feel it’s important that we do not focus on the image that all those who voted to leave did so due to immigration; the UK has more immigrants than anglo-saxons – if indeed they were the original occupants.

Instead I believe there are many reasons to explain why the UK people have voted leave. This company is proud to be multi-cultural and inclusive, and I will be pro-actively pushing for immigrants, from all countries, to be allowed to work in this country where we need them. As you know we have a number of Europeans working in, and managing, a number of our nurseries and each and every one of them is a valued member of staff, and so are our families who have placed their children and family members in our care. We welcome families from all nationalities and backgrounds, and will continue to do so.”

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