National Bike to Work Today

Bike to Work Day was started by the League of American Bicyclists back in 1956 to promote the health benefits of cycling to work.

At Aspire we encourage our staff to take steps towards living a healthier life for both them and the planet, that’s why we have a Cycle to Work Scheme available for colleagues to take part in. The company provides an interest-free loan of up to £1,000 to allow colleagues to purchase a bike and/or cycling accessories to use for work. This encourages colleagues to use more sustainable modes of transport that help to protect our environment.

The Benefits of Bike to Work Day

So here’s the thing about biking to work, it’s not just an opportunity to get out and get healthy, it has a massive effect on every part of the whole day. Consider these ways that biking to work can help with life in general:

  • Better mental organization:
    Getting out and biking to work requires you to get up earlier than usual, in turn encouraging you to spend some time waking up before you head out the door, and giving you the chance to plan for other things to do with your extra time.
  • Better work performance:
    All of this will ensure that you are bright-eyed and bushy-tailed by the time you make it into the office, invigorated by your ride and ready to face the day with a bright new perspective.
  • Improved physical health and fitness:
    It doesn’t just stop there either. The extra exercise you’re getting will have a direct positive influence on your diet, tastes, and goals. There’s something about exercise that makes you more aware and thoughtful about what you put into your body, cycling to work in the morning can be a great motivator.
  • Saving money:
    If health isn’t your biggest motivation then surely the potential cost savings can convince you to give Bike to Work Day a try? Cycling to work will help you to cut a chunk out of your transportation costs, saving you money on public transport tickets if you usually take the bus or train and saving you money on gas and even insurance if you usually drive.
  • Saving the planet:
    Lastly, if for no other reason, then get on your bike for World Bike Day, to cut your carbon footprint and to help save the environment. The average car releases 271g of CO2 per kilometer driven, the average bus releases 101g of CO2 per kilometer driven and guess what? A bicycle releases just 16g of CO2 per kilometer driven, all of which comes from the fuel of the rider, aka your food.

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