National Tree Week

National Tree Week is the UK’s largest annual tree celebration. Each year, the country’s conservation sector, volunteer groups and nature lovers come together to plant thousands of trees to mark the start of the annual tree planting season. This event takes place from 26th November – 4th December 2022.

The winter planting season is upon us so it’s the perfect time to get outdoors and get planting. Trees and hedgerows are some of the most powerful tools we have in the fight against climate change. And the good news is that we can all make a difference by planting a tree! Whether you plant in a pot on your doorstep, a hedge in your garden or organise a community event at a local park, every tree will help us grow a greener future together.

Trees are heroes of nature. They sustain wildlife, create oxygen, purify our air and are absolutely beautiful. National Tree Week is the perfect time to celebrate our trees and remind everyone about all they do. After all, learning more about all the incredible things trees do is an important first step on our journey to a brighter future. So, any way you can, whether it’s sharing the campaign on social media, an email to colleagues, or just talking to friends, let’s celebrate our trees!

Our Impact

As part of our partnership with Ecologi, we pledge to plant 1 tree for every employer that we work with. In addition to this, we also pledge to plant a tree for all current employees and for every new colleague that joins Aspire Training Team.

“We are one of the most eco-sustainable companies in the UK and we work hard to be sustainable in our every day practice. We are always looking for new ways to save the planet and influence future generations to do the same. Engaging with Ecologi is a great opportunity to give back to the community and employees who are part of our Aspire family and to continue our mission of an environmentally sustainable and socially responsible world for all.”  – Cheryl Hadland, MD

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