Nerea Hibbs May 2019 Learner of the Month!

Aspire Training Team are delighted to reveal Nerea Hibbs at K W Solutions as our May 2019 Learner of the Month!


Nerea started her Level 2 Business Admin in November 2018, and has been nominated for this month’s award by her Assessor Stephen who she has impressed not only the quality of work she is producing for her qualification, but also the commitment and dedication she is showing to completing her qualification, despite several commitments outside of her work and studies. Stephen goes on to say:

“I would like to nominate Nerea for Leaner of the month due to her on-going commitment to the Apprenticeship of Business Administration level 2 that she is currently under-taking. Nerea is a hard-working dedicated individual who ensures that her work is completed timely and ensures that it supports the evidence requirements for the qualification specification, in fact I would say that the content of her evidence is outstanding and clearly shows the necessary understanding needed.

Nerea, despite having a full time-table of commitments outside the realms of her qualification and job-role including a family consistently strives for completion of tasks set that will allow for progression percentage to be achieved within the qualification.

 Nerea, over the past few weeks has battled illness and family commitments as well as work, but consistently achieves all of the requirements of her qualification outstandingly.”

It is great to hear of a learning showing such enthusiasm for their work and continuing to progress despite of other commitments. So we are very proud to announce Nerea as our May 2019 Learner of the Month!

Congratulations Nerea!

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