New report shows lack of awareness of the benefits of hiring apprentices

With the introduction of the apprenticeship levy due in only ten months, new research from YouGov, commissioned by Interserve, has shown the current perceptions that employers have towards apprenticeships, their success in business and the barriers towards recruiting apprentices.


The report, entitled The Interserve Society Report: Apprenticeships: the path to success?” researched current opinions amongst 500 employers as well as young people and their parents.


SMEs showed the most positive reaction towards apprentices with 37% saying that they are the most productive of their new recruits.  It is SMEs compared to larger businesses however who are most unaware of the different levels of apprenticeships available, namely Higher and Degree apprenticeships.  32% of SMEs have heard of these apprenticeships, compared to 46% of larger businesses.


Location also played a part, with employers here in the South preferring to hire those with a university degree, while employers in the North are more open to the benefits apprenticeships can bring.  Overall, 43% of employers surveyed appreciate the skills that apprenticeships can bring through industry specific training.  The main barriers to hiring an apprentice appear from the report to be the lack of staff to mentor them with 27% citing this as a reason, and a further 25% feeling they don’t have the roles which are relevant to an apprentice.


Recruiting an apprentice can bring your business numerous rewards, and it’s clear by this research that more needs to be done to promote those benefits and the different options available.  By working with a training provider you can be supported from the first step of hiring an apprentice. Aspire Training Team is an apprenticeship and training provider offering placements in childcare, business administration and health and social care.  Find out more by contacting Aspire Training Team on 01202 551553 or emailing

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