New research dispels the myths on apprenticeships

Results of a survey from online recruitment experts are showing the many misconceptions still surrounding apprenticeships as a viable option to a chosen career, and goes further to challenge those perceptions.


The research shows that 56% of the population has never considered an apprenticeship, with one of the main reasons being the belief that they are aimed solely at 17 to 21 year olds.  75% believe this to be the case, particularly from 40 to 60 year olds; 89% of those surveyed from this age group in fact.  36% of those aged between 16 to 24 would consider an apprenticeship compared to only 14% aged 40 to 60, however this increased to 46% once they were made aware that there were also apprenticeship opportunities for them.


One other barrier for apprenticeships is the wage.  59% of people surveyed showed a low wage to be a disadvantage of becoming an apprentice, with 60% estimating a weekly wage of under £100.  The National Careers Service recently announced that the average apprenticeship wage is approximately £170 per week.


21% of those surveyed claim they aren’t aware of the variety of opportunities open to them or the benefits that can come from an apprenticeship in terms of career progression.


There are significant benefits to an apprenticeship compared to another route into your chosen career such as college or university.  New apprenticeship programmes are being developed and now degree apprenticeships are a viable option to earn a degree and gain work experience at the same time, while avoiding the debts involved with university.  The on-the-job learning that comes from an apprenticeship is invaluable, and could give an edge when applying for subsequent positions as an apprentice will have evidence of work readiness skills.  An apprentice will also be earning a wage while gaining all this experience.


More employers than ever are offering apprenticeships as the benefits for businesses as well as learners are clear to see.  Aspire Training Team work with a variety of businesses and learners across the South in placing business administration apprentices, childcare apprentices and health & social care apprentices, as well as Team Leading and Management qualifications.  For more information about hiring or becoming an apprentice you can contact the team on 01202 551553 or email






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