Olivia Horton June 2019 Learner of the Month!

Aspire Training Team are delighted to reveal Olivia Horton at Tops Day Nurseries Havant as our June 2019 Learner of the Month!

Olivia started her Level 2 Childcare qualification back in December 2018 after being taken on as an apprentice within the nursery. Nursery Manager Katie nominated Olivia for the award this month after Olivia showed amazing initiative earlier this month:

“Olivia had a child approach her to tell her there was a mouse while in the window seal. Olivia listened intently to the child then extended the fascination by asking open questions like how did the mouse make the hole, will we see the mouse and what does he look like. She provided pen and paper so the children could all draw what they thought the mouse looked like. She then supported them to display their pictures proudly so everyone could see. Olivia saw how he children enjoyed this so before they came in the next day she added factual books about mice and mouse foot prints into the area.

This was an amazing learning opportunity and an activity you would usually see from a skilled qualified practitioner we are so proud of Olivia.”

Olivia’s initiative and great use of resources enabled her to capitalise on a fantastic opportunity to develop the children’s interests. It was wonderful to see and with that in mind, we are very pleased to announce Olivia as our June 2019 Learner of the Month!

Congratulations Olivia!

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