One by 2020 campaign supported by MPs

A campaign launched last year to encourage schools to hire apprentices has recently received support from MPS across the UK.

The “One by 2020” campaign was launched in April 2015 in a bid to entice schools to take on apprentices in roles such as business administration and teaching assistants.  National Schools Training (NST) is the organisation behind the programme and alongside the government target to create 3 million new apprentice starts by 2020, NST have pledged that every school should have an apprentice by the same year.  They recently held a parliamentary event to raise awareness of this aim.


The launch of the scheme followed the announcement of the government’s new Public Sector Apprenticeship Target.  This is a bid that from April 2017 schools will have a legal duty to employ apprentices.


Schools have in the past been accused of favouring to promote university as the best way into employment or higher education after school years, opposed to the benefits of becoming an apprentice.  By pledging to hire apprentices they are not only helping the young person who is able to start their career but they will also show they are supportive of the apprenticeship pathway as well as enjoy the benefits that come from hiring an apprentice themselves.


Aspire Training Team is an apprenticeship provider in the South, able to place young people into business administration apprenticeships.  If you’re a school looking to hire a business administration apprentice, or you’re looking to become an apprentice yourself, you can contact Aspire Training Team on 01202 551553 or email

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