Our Level 1 ‘Caring for Children’ Workshops – What are they all about?

The workshops we run at the Aspire Training Team are a fun and practical way to learn about the theory of childcare.

We run our Level 1 workshops run every other Wednesday from 10am – 2.30pm. Each workshop is designed around a topic and the needs of the students attending and can accommodate up to 12 students.

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We cover a whole host of different topics including:

  • Communicating with children – looking at the importance of listening to and talking with young children
  • Growth and development of children – focusing on child development from birth – 5 years
  • Preparing for your next steps – encouraging students to focus on own personal career goals, supports students to prepare for and take next steps in own training and employment options
  • Craft activities for young children – exploring craft activities for all ages to promote all areas of development
  • Sharing learning experiences with children – looking at different types of learning experiences which could be shared with children
  • Supporting babies to play– looking at the adult role in supporting babies development
  • Musical activities for young children – making different types of musical instruments for all ages and promoting sensory development
  • Healthy eating for families– learning about healthy meal choices, how to encourage children to have a varied and balanced diet and how to support families to encourage healthy eating

Students take part in a variety of tasks during each session including games, watching videos, making activities for the children (play dough, flash cards etc), quizzes, discussions and making posters.

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Our current students have found the workshops to be great fun and a good way to learn with peers. The workshops are interactive and enjoyable and have enabled them to take in a lot more knowledge than any previous learning environments.

If you want to join us on the Level 1 Caring for Children, a free course for 16-18 year olds, please call us on 01202 649 646 or email us at info@aspiretrainingteam.co.uk

As it is now compulsory for all young adults to attend school or be in training until they reach the age of 17, this on-the-job training qualification is a great alternative to school.

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