Q&A with Stephanie Stubbs- National Apprenticeship Week 2019

As part of National Apprenticeship Week, some of our current learners took part in a Q&A to share their experiences of studying with Aspire Training Team.

Stephanie Stubbs works at Alphabet Day Nursery and is working towards her level 2 childcare qualification via an apprenticeship.

Can you introduce your company, what is your role?

Alphabet Nursery is a Nursery that looks after and aids in developmental training to those from 3 months old to 4yrs old.

My role is to help the children with developmental skills such as reading, physical play, making sure they are looked after throughout the day.


Why did you decide to do an apprenticeship with Aspire Training Team?

I started looking into training providers after someone recommended an apprenticeship as an alternative to college. I looked at many places but Aspire was the best choice out of them all.


What do you plan to do after your apprenticeship?

Once I have finished my level 2, I am hoping to go on to complete my level 3 with Aspire Training Team.


What are the benefits of being an apprentice?

The support you get from your assessor is amazing. If you didn’t manage to get a pass mark for English, MAths or ICT at school then you have the opportunity to re-do these as part of your apprenticeship.


What advice would you give others thinking about doing an apprenticeship/training with Aspire?

Go for it! The support you get from this company is amazing. I would not have passed my course had it not been the help from my assessor Sandra or Aspire Training Team.

To find out more about an intermediate childcare apprenticeship, please click here. To view our current vacancies, please click here and select ‘apprenticeships’.

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