Rising university dropout rates highlight the importance of apprenticeships

Going to university can be an excellent path into your dream career, but sometimes it may not be right due to the style of learning or the subject itself.  Figures recently released by the Higher Education Statistics Agency show that a rising number of students are dropping out of their university courses, therefore looking for alternative options.


The report shows that of the students aged 21 and under who enrolled in a degree course in the academic year 2013-14, 6% didn’t continue beyond their first year.  This is an increase from the 5.7% who dropped out the previous academic year, and is the first increase in 4 years since 2009-10 when the dropout rate was 7.2%.  The figure rises more for disadvantaged students to 8.2%, as these students can struggle more financially or academically.


One alternative that potential university students could consider is an apprenticeship.  As an apprentice, you not earn the qualifications, but also receive hands on experience of working in that industry and gaining work readiness skills, such as preparation for interviews, the day to day running of a business, communication skills etc.  A degree can also be earned at the higher level of apprenticeships as Degree Apprenticeships are now available, meaning you will finish your apprenticeship with the same qualification you would have gained at university, with all of these additional skills.


While these figures do show that over 90% of students do still go on to qualify, it does highlight the fact that university is not for everyone, and that it is an extremely important decision to make.   With university fees being as high as they are, if you’re not 100% sure that you will benefit from a university degree it can be a risky path to take.  Some jobs do require a degree, but for those where it is not essential, if you’re not sure about going to university taking up an apprenticeship can be an excellent way to explore the industry while earning relevant qualifications.


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