Safety Tips for The Beach

Baby at the beach

Everyone loves a day at the beach but it’s important be safe.

Here are some beach safety tips to help you keep your family safe by the sea.


Family playing at the beach

Always bring sunscreen

Put sun cream on children before heading to the beach and make sure you reapply during the day. Sunscreen will offer some protection. If you want to be extra careful, cover your little one with loose clothing and a wide-brimmed hat as well.

Stay together

Keep children close, especially if you’re going swimming or paddling. Remember that even shallow water can quickly knock little ones off their feet – stay within arm’s reach of little ones whenever you’re in or near the water.

Look out for the flags

Always obey instructions from lifeguards and encourage your children to look for coloured flags that show when and where it’s safe to swim or paddle.

Check the tides

Check the information boards when you arrive at the beach to be aware of any local hazards. Remember tides can change quickly so make sure you know the tide times for the day to avoid getting caught out.

Keep hydrated

Make sure your little one has access to drinks all day, remember that sun and wind can dehydrate you quickly at the beach, even on colder days.

Stick to the shade

It can be hard to find much shade at the beach, so bring something you can use to create your own, such as tents or sunshades. Encourage little ones to play in the shade between 11am-3pm when the sun is at its highest.

Having a day out at the beach is always a memorable time for adults and children. The sun, sand, and waves create the perfect backdrop for fun and relaxation. Ensuring the safety of your little ones is paramount to making these memories happy and carefree.

By following the tips outlined in this blog, you can confidently enjoy your beach day knowing you’ve taken the necessary precautions. Remember to stay vigilant, prepared, and informed, so that every beach outing is a delightful and safe adventure for the whole family.

Here’s to many more sun-soaked days filled with laughter, exploration, and peace of mind.

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