SMEs are embracing apprentices…are you?

Recent research from the Association of Accounting Technicians (AAT) has shown that more SMEs are starting to realise the benefits of hiring apprentices and are welcoming them as part of their workforce.


The research, which included 501 business owners with 1-249 employees, shows that 39% of small to medium sized businesses took on one or more apprentices during the last year, and of these businesses 43% kept on at least half once they qualified.  Half of the employers surveyed were also expecting to recruit at least one new apprentice in the coming year.  This was compared however to only 16% of micro-businesses, who recruit less than ten employees, looking to take on an apprentice, which has raised questions over whether the barriers are still too high for smaller employers to recruit apprentices.


20% of employers suggested less red tape would be helpful when considering the process of hiring apprentices, while 25% of employers wanted the flexibility of being able to recruit them on a part-time basis.  18% of employers also showed a preference for workers who were already skilled with 28% expressing a lack of need for an apprentice.


The future for employers looking to hire apprentices is currently facing radical change with the introduction of the apprenticeship levy and other implementations, however the benefits for businesses hiring apprentices remains the same.  Businesses can experience enhanced productivity, retention and reputation by hiring apprentices.


Aspire Training Team is an apprentice and training provider in the South working with employers to place business administration, childcare and health & social care roles.  To find out more about hiring an apprentice you can contact the team on 01202 551553 or email





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