Solar Panels at Aspire Training Team

Here at Aspire Training Team we are passionate about environmental responsibility, which is why we are thrilled to have installed solar panels at our offices based in Portsmouth, Musgrove, Wimborne, Corfe Mullen and Poole, which just so happen to be in the same settings as our award winning Tops Day Nurseries.

With the introduction of our solar panels, we produce our own electricity and are able to send some to the national grid too, helping to reduce our need to use fossil fuels to make energy in this country.  As we are all aware, burning fossil fuels contributes to the alarming global warming crisis so we are very keen to do our best to help.  We want future generations to inherit a planet that isn’t subject to the flooding and storms we are expecting with global warming, and we want them to have a world with polar bears!

We have been working with Poole based Daylight Energy Ltd, and Dorchester based Wessex Eco-Energy who both specialise in creating and offering bespoke renewable energy systems that can deliver significant savings whilst reducing the carbon footprint of the property.

Cheryl Hadland, Founder and Managing Director of Aspire Training Team commented “We started to introduce solar panels into our nurseries a while ago, the first being at our Wimborne nursery over 10 years ago.  They broke even after 8 years.  The price of solar panels has halved since then, and they are also more efficient which balances the loss of Government subsidy, so they are still worth doing.  We’ve been told our electricity charges will go up 17% in September so we know we are doing the right thing for our costs as well as the environment.  We have several electric vehicles too now, so charging them from our own solar panels is a very satisfying and efficient way to power collections from school, trip and our maintenance team.  We have reduced our fleet of diesel and petrol vehicles significantly and aim to replace the rest as soon as we can because they generate air pollution.  With children being the most vulnerable to air pollution, which causes asthma and lung disease, and can damage brain development, it is very important to us to do what we can to stop polluting their air.

Solar power is one of the most environmentally friendly and cleanest energy sources. Not only is it a fantastic renewable source of power, it requires little maintenance and is the most abundant energy source on earth.

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