Technology and apprenticeships at forefront in new report

The Digital Revolution is a new report from Lord Kenneth Baker, Secretary of State for Education during Margaret Thatcher’s government, which highlights the need for the education system to consider the impact digital technology will have on future industries and careers.


This follows the prediction from the Bank of England that up to 15 million jobs could be replaced with automated systems in the future with the development of technologies such as artificial intelligence.  In order to address this, Lord Baker is calling for primary schools to focus on technology in their curriculum, including coding, 3D printing and design, as well as secondary schools to introduce Computer Science, Design and Technology as a GCSE option.


The report from Lord Baker, who also leads the Edge Foundation, goes on to explain why vocational training, such as apprenticeships, should be offered to those as young as 14 years old so they have the opportunity to learn not only their academic curriculum but also hands on learning.  Undertaking an apprenticeship means that learners have a first-hand experience of how a business works, another objective from Lord Baker’s report.


The full report, The Digital Revolution, can be downloaded here.  In sectors such as childcare and adult care, it’s unlikely that automated systems will be successful in replacing the human touch as emotions such as empathy and creativity cannot be replicated.  Aspire Training Team is an apprenticeship provider not only providing apprenticeships in these sectors, but also across all sectors in business administration.


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