Internal Colleague Tickets

The employee agrees to attend the course listed upon the generation of the confirmation email, unless they respond to decline the course and notify their manager and the training coordinator; failure to attend without a valid reason, or cancelling their space on the course within one week of the course date without a valid reason, will result in the employee being charged the full course price at the discretion of their manager.

The cost of the course is loaned to the employee by the company and therefore should the employee leave their employment following the completion of the course, the loaned amount will be required to be re-paid to the company as follows: Within one year of completion 100% repayment,  or within two years 50% repayment of the course cost.

Any charges or repayment amounts will be deducted from the employees wages, or by direct payment in the event that the full repayment amount is unable to be recovered from the employees wages. For courses which are valid for one year, where more than one of the same course have been attended, employees will only be required to repay the cost of the most recent course attended. The employer reserves the right to deduct from the employees’ wages any money owed under this agreement, subject to the provision of the Employment Rights Act 1996. By receipt of the confirmation email and failure to respond to decline the course the employee is deemed to have agreed with these T&C’s and Indemnity. Please also note, that for casual employees the time to attend the course will not be paid.

The manager accepts that cancelling the space for their employee on the course within one week of the course date, including circumstances where they have deemed the employees reason for non-attendance to the course as “valid” will result in the setting being charged the full course price, unless replacing the space with another employee not already booked to attend.