The Benefits OF Hiring Apprentices For Employers

Some employers may be discouraged from hiring an apprentice due to their perceptions; the cost and time spent training them, no workplace experience or they are averse to hiring younger members of staff.  Here we tackle some of these concerns and show that hiring an apprentice can have significant returns regarding productivity, staff retention and a business’s public image.


When considering hiring an apprentice, there can be concerns amongst employers that there will be a high financial cost in terms of training the apprentice with no tangible return on their investment.  There is currently a high level of funding available for employers when hiring an apprentice which comes from the government, in some cases up to 100%, and with apprentices earning a lower wage than other employees it is actually a cost-effective way to recruit, train and develop staff in line with a business’s requirements.


Apprentices tend to increase productivity as they have joined a company eager to learn a skill and keen to make a good impression.  This is the first step into their future career and they will want to remain at the company after they qualify, so they will ensure they achieve the results that are targeted with.  According to Impact Apprenticeships, 76% of employers who hire apprentices state their workplace is more productive, with productivity increasing by £214 a week.


Hiring an apprentice will lead to a higher retention rate as well as impacting any shortages in skills.  An apprentice will naturally feel loyal to the employer who has hired them as they have shown an interest and are investing in their training and development.  Through this investment an employer can tailor the role specifically to their business needs and shortages in the workplace, making the apprentice flexible and adaptable.  The National Apprenticeship Service states that 93% of employers who hire apprentices rely on them to provide the skilled workers they may need in the future.


One objection to hiring an apprentice may be that the age range for apprenticeships tends to be those from a younger generation.  Employers may be concerned about hiring someone who has little or no experience of being in a working environment meaning they may be lacking in team work or communication skills.  While these areas may be ones that need to become part of their training, people from this generation can also bring fresh ideas and knowledge of certain technologies that others may not have, for example on social media.


Hiring an apprentice can not only benefit your bottom line or retention levels but also your public image.  A study conducted by Centre for Economics and Business Research (Cebr) in 2014 showed that two thirds of the public viewed businesses that hired an apprentice in a more positive light as they are seen to be contributing towards society and providing opportunities for young people where they may not have any before.  5 million consumers are therefore more likely to make a purchase from an apprentice employer.


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