The Reading Shed: Fostering a Love for Books in Our Community

SDG 12: Responsible Consumption and Production. The reading shed

We are excited to spotlight one of our early years employers for their committed towards sustainability.

In the spirit of National Reading Week, Jack & Jill Nursery embarked on an initiative aimed at nurturing the joy of reading among young minds. The brainchild of our endeavour – The Reading Shed. This innovative project not only encourages parents to share books with their children but also extends the joy of reading to the entire community.

The Genesis of The Reading Shed:

The idea sprouted from our commitment to cultivating a love for books at an early age. Recognising the profound impact reading has on speech and language development, imagination, and overall learning, we wanted to ensure that every child in our nursery had access to the magical world of literature.

Despite having a substantial collection of books within the setting, we realised that many were languishing in storage. It was time to breathe new life into these stories and share them with a broader audience.

Sustainable reading shed by Day Nursery for Children to Enjoy

SDG 12: Responsible Consumption and Production

This goal focuses on ensuring sustainable consumption and production patterns. Specifically, Target 12.5 of SDG 12 aims to substantially reduce waste generation through prevention, reduction, recycling, and reuse. Recycling books contributes to the reduction of waste and promotes responsible consumption, aligning with this target.

From Storage to Shared: A Book Share Scheme is Born

And so, the concept of the book share scheme was born. Ranging from board books to tales of outer space, our diverse collection is now available for everyone in the community to enjoy. Not limiting the love for literature to children alone, we’ve even included a selection of books for adults to explore.

The response to The Reading Shed has been heartening. Children eagerly ask their parents to choose a book as they are collected at the end of their sessions. Some little enthusiasts have gone a step further, encouraging their parents to contribute books from home to enrich the collection.

Reading Shed filled with Books for young children

For the Community, By the Community

Our philosophy is simple – anyone in the community is welcome to borrow a book, read it, and return it for the next person to relish. The Reading Shed is not just a place; it’s a communal celebration of the written word, fostering a shared love for reading that knows no boundaries.

As The Reading Shed continues to flourish, we are witnessing the transformative power of community-driven initiatives. By unlocking the treasure trove of stories stored within the shed, we’re not just recycling books; we’re sowing the seeds of curiosity, imagination, and lifelong learning. So, step into The Reading Shed, and let the magic of storytelling weave its spell on our community.

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