The Top Skills Employers Are Looking For

If you’re currently seeking new work or exploring the idea of studying, you may be wondering what employers actually look for in their ideal candidate. Get ahead of the game and take a look at the tops skills they want below.

There are many industry specific skills that employers may be looking for when hiring for a role, but there are also certain talents that make your CV really stand out. These are transferrable skills (according to a survey on the  LinkedIn website) that will help you when applying for any job in the future!


Creativity is the ability to develop an idea to life and can help you to adapt when it comes to problems arising. Being able to think outside of the box helps others’ ideas to flow and can really benefit your own work and the company. When people think of creativity, they often wrongly assume this only means being good at art, but having this skill can really help to increase efficiency and problem-solving.

People Skills

Having good people skills is perfect for those roles that are customer service or sales based, but can also be incredibly valuable when working within teams at work and when communicating with others. It helps to build healthy relationships within the team and with whoever you are working with as well as increasing customer satisfaction.


Having adaptability as a skill is highly sought after in a workplace as it means you are able to quickly respond to problems, changing roles or any tasks that might pop up. This is very normal in the workplace so it is always good to show that you are flexible and able to be resilient to any changes or problems.


Good leadership skills show that you are self-motivated, driven and highly organised. It also shows that you are good at making decisions which can really help you adapt to any new role well. This skill can really help you stand out in any role and help you to progress in your career.

Time Management

To manage your time effectively is a great skill to have as it enables you to work more efficiently and to get more tasks done to manage tight deadlines and larger work loads. It can help improve your focus, reduce stress and allow you to take advantage of more opportunities which is something that employers really look for.

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