Top Tips for Engaging your Learning Style

Whether you do most of your studying from home or are just in need of some advice and would like to know more about different learning styles, here are some of the best ways to optimise your learning for better outcomes.

You learn new things every day. Learning is a continuous process and each individual will approach learning, memorising and consolidating new information in a different way due to individual differences.

The important question is: how can you learn new things and skills efficiently in order to optimise your time and learn in a faster way?

The best known and most common learning styles can be identified as the visualauditory and practical styles.

Visual Learning

If you are a visual learner, it will be easier for you to learn new things by reading or observing pictures and diagrams. You would benefit from visualising and imagining a picture in your head of what you are learning. Your imagination plays a big part in this learning style as it can help you remember things by simply closing your eyes and picturing them in your mind.

You may find it helpful to memorise steps, information and new data by focusing on your creative imagination such as associating colours to words.

Top tips:

  • Draw diagrams, pictures and tables.
  • Make your notes look well-organised. Remember, you learn new things mostly with your sight, so keep your notes eye-catching!
  • Visualise things that you hear or that are being explained to you.
  • Write down any key words and use colours to help your brain retain the information easily.

Auditory Learning

If you are an auditory learner, it means you will find it easier learning new things by hearing and listening.

If you recognise yourself in this style, it will be easier for you understand concepts and directions while you hear them instead of reading them.

Top tip:

  • Record yourself while you are explaining the subject you are learning. You can then listen to the recording as many times as you want and your brain will do the rest!
  • Reading information out loud can be very helpful for you as listening to your voice repeating the same concept many times can increase your retainment.

Practical Learning

If you are a practice learner then the best path to follow for you is to learn new things by touching and taking part in activities.

It is easier for you to memorise things with physical movement and you may need to be active rather than just acquire information passively.

Top tip:

  • Walk around while studying
  • Follow the text you’re reading with your finger
  • Take frequent short breaks during your studies
  • You can hold something while you are studying such as pencils or other objects, this can encourage you to remain focused.

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