TOTUM – Student Discount Card

TOTUM, the new name for NUS extra, gives you access to massive student discounts and deals on eating out and fashion, tech and travel, and everything in between. It is the student card you need in your life.

What is TOTUM?

TOTUM is the UK’s #1 student discount card and app! It is the new name for the NUS extra student discount card and your TOTUM membership opens up a world of brilliant student discounts, offers and vouchers on your everyday essentials, must-have gear and luxury items.

In store and online, TOTUM puts over 350 UK student discounts right where you want them – in your pocket. And TOTUM is the only student discount platform endorsed by the National Union of Students (NUS).

There are stack loads of discounts available depending on your type of membership, from a range of famous online and high street brands and local independents.

TOTUM also is available with PASS-accredited proof of age ID, perfect for proving you’re over 18 on a night out.

TOTUM Memberships Available

A TOTUM membership comes in three main versions:


This is the main membership for higher education and further education students. If you’re over 16 then you need this membership! You’ll get access to a list of national and local brand student discounts and get exclusive access to flash sales and special offers. TOTUM are also offering a free 12-month International Student Card (ISIC) digital card add on and access to your on-campus students’ union events.


TOTUM Pro is made especially for professional learners and opens up a whole world of fantastic savings and discounts on everything from dining out and keeping fit to travel abroad.

TOTUM Digital

100% FREE for students and gives you access to our curated list of massive student discounts, over 100 in all; including ASOS, boohoo, PizzaExpress and MyProtein.

TOTUM + Age ID & TOTUM Pro + Age ID

All the great features of TOTUM with the added bonus of PASS verified proof of age ID card. Whether you’re 16 or 17 and want to prove you’re entitled to discounted travel or lucky enough to still have your youthful good looks… + ID is the essential upgrade for you.

Am I Eligible?

TOTUM memberships are available to students aged 16 or over, studying full or part-time in the UK. So if you’re at a UK school, college, sixth form, or university then you can join TOTUM.

If you’re an apprentice then TOTUM is not available for you at the moment however, the NUS Apprentice Extra card is available, with loads of exclusive brand discounts, offers and giveaways!

Professional learners don’t miss out either, as TOTUM Pro membership is open to you, subject to availability from your place of study.

How much does TOTUM Cost?

TOTUM Digital has replaced TOTUM Lite. It is FREE and available to verified UK students and includes loads of top brand discounts and offers.

TOTUM is the main student offering which includes a complete list of student discounts and offers, a free 12-month ISIC bolt-on and the option to include PASS- accredited Proof of age ID too. Prices start from: £14.99.

TOTUM Pro is for professional learners and members of some professional organisations. It includes access to loads of fantastic discounts and offers from a huge range of high street and online brands. Prices start from: £14.99.

If you want to access a wide range of discounts and offers then join now by clicking here.

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