Uni or Apprenticeship?

The popularity of apprenticeships has increased considerably over recent years, even more so now that there are so many different and diverse roles you can pursue. Less people are choosing the traditional route of higher education.

For the apprentice, there are valuable qualifications that can be gained through working and learning on the job. Benefits include actual work experience, developing social skills in a working environment, and a new level of understanding for a working environment. Also, recent stats have shown that University students could be left with £53,000 worth of debt, as a grant becomes a loan. Whereas no financial commitment is required as an apprentice.

A third of degree students are working in under-graduate jobs, whereas 65% of apprentices will be employed full-time by the company they completed their apprenticeship with. Many companies now consider apprentices to be the most employable of young people in today’s job market. First hand learning environments and practical experience give apprentices the edge over graduates in interviews, some have expressed concerns that graduates are not “workplace ready”, while apprentices can adapt easier to the environment.


The average graduate debt before 2012 sat at around £21,000, compared to post-2012 where it has risen to an astonishing average of £53,000. These large debts will lead to an increase in the number of loans being written off after 25 years, as graduates just will not earn enough to repay their loans in the 30 year timescale.

Comparably, the average starting salary for a graduate is around £14,500, compared to those who have completed apprenticeships looking to earn £18,00. This isn’t taking into account the fact that apprentices also earn while they learn, they must be paid a wage and their training costs are covered.


University                                                                   Apprenticeship

Increased earning potential                                     Earn whilst learning

Study an interesting subject                                    Gain qualifications and work experience

Decide on a career                                                     Learning in a fun and interesting work environment

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