What are Degree apprenticeships?

National Apprenticeship Week 2016 saw a new report from Universities UK entitled “The Future Growth of Degree Apprenticeships” which shows the importance of this relatively new level of apprenticeship…but what exactly are they?

There are three levels of apprentice available; Intermediate, Advanced and Higher, which all denote the level of study which is undertaken. An Intermediate apprentice will be studying towards their Level 2 qualification, Advanced will be working towards a Level 3 and a Higher apprentice will be Level 4 or above. A Degree apprentice is then an additional division to the Higher apprentice, working towards Level 6 and 7 with study towards a degree as a key element of their apprenticeship. Those who complete this will finish with a full bachelors or master’s degree.

A Degree apprenticeship must last a minimum of a year, and depending on the subject can take up to four years. There are currently 12 Degree apprenticeships currently available; Aerospace Engineering, Aerospace Software, Automotive Engineering, Banking, Chartered Surveying, Construction, Defence Systems Engineering, Digital, Electronic Systems Engineering, Nuclear, Power Systems, and Public Relations.

As with all other apprentices, the cost of a Degree apprenticeship will be covered between the government and the employer, so a learner is able to complete their degree, earn experience on the job, while not incurring high student fees. They are not only for those school leavers to consider a different route to earning their degree, but also for existing employees who are looking to develop their career. Their time will be split between university and the workplace and can be structured around their employer’s needs.

Since the launch of this level of apprenticeship in March 2015, the Skills Funding Agency have seen a positive response with estimations that there will be between 1,500 and 2,000 starts across 40 universities in 2016.

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