What do you have in common with Jamie Oliver, Elvis, and fashion designer Alexander McQueen?

All 3 of these famous icons started their careers as apprentices!

With an apprenticeship, you’ll have the chance to gain the skills and technical know-how to become one of the best in your field. Achieving such a high level of skill will lead to a higher salary and greater job opportunities. And that will mean that your future is secure.

Unlike most ways of gaining formal training and practical experience, apprenticeships are paid for by the government and your employer, so they’re great if university isn’t an option financially.

A study published by the Sutton Trust states that a high-quality apprenticeship offers the same level of financial success in the future as many undergraduate degrees, and stresses that the benefits of these vocational courses need to be highlighted to encourage more young people to become an apprentice.

The study shows that that those who opt to study for a Level 5 higher apprenticeship, which is the equivalent to a foundation degree, will earn around £1.44 million over their lifetime.  This is almost £52,000 more than a student who studies at a non-Russell Group university; considered among the best institutions in the UK, who can expect to take home around £1.39 million.

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Still not sure? Take a look at what our apprentices have to say about their apprenticeship in our video.

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