What is Post 16?

Post 16 options include everything from continuing full-time education at a school, sixth form or college, to apprenticeships and employment. Which option you take would depend on where you would like to take your education.

The most popular of these options are further education or an apprenticeship. Staying in education, such as attending a sixth form or college, is a great way to gain knowledge and skills around a particular subject area. It allows access to a wider range of career paths and can help build both personal and professional skills that appeal to potential employers.

Apprenticeships are a good way to learn on the job and can be more suited to visual and ‘hands on’ learners. Employers will teach you the exact skill set needed for a specific job, leaving you with both knowledge and experience, as well as a full qualification. An apprenticeship is great for getting you started in an industry of your choice and gives you a good start point for future employment.

At Aspire, we offer a variety of apprenticeships and qualifications as well as a level 1 qualification, which is a great alternative to school. If you would like to find out more, don’t hesitate to email us at info@aspiretrainingteam.co.uk or visit our Post 16 Instagram account, @aspirepost16.


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