What makes a good Early Years Nursery Manager?

What makes a good Early years manager?


At the heart of every nursery is a passionate, dedicated and sometimes ‘stressed-out’ manager. There are many moving parts to running a nursery. A good early years nursery manager possesses a blend of skills, knowledge, and personal qualities. This enables them to effectively oversee the day-to-day operations of a nursery. While also ensuring the well-being and development of their team and the children in their care.

Here are some key attributes that make a good early years nursery manager –

Strong Leadership Skills

Strong leadership skills are essential for an effective nursery manager. Particularly in their ability to set a clear vision for the nursery and inspire staff to achieve common goals. A visionary leader articulates a compelling and inclusive mission. This mission aligns with the core values of early childhood education.

Decision-Making abilities

Effective decision-making is a crucial aspect of strong leadership for a nursery manager. Encompassing the ability to make informed and timely decisions, often under pressure is crucial. This involves gathering and analysing relevant information quickly. A skilled nursery manager remains calm and composed in stressful situations. Using their knowledge and experience to navigate challenges efficiently.

Staff Development

Investing in the professional development of staff is a key responsibility of a nursery manager. Providing opportunities for training and growth to enhance their skills and knowledge. This commitment not only improves the quality of care and education but also boosts staff morale and retention. Equally important is fostering a supportive and collaborative team culture. By recognising staff contributions, the manager creates an environment where team members feel valued. This strong sense of teamwork enables the nursery to function more effectively. Benefiting both the staff and the children they care for.

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Staff Well-being

Staff well-being is a crucial aspect of effective nursery management. It is not only the manager’s responsibility to ensure ongoing training and professional development for their team. It is also to focus on and build their overall well-being. A manager who prioritises staff well-being creates a positive and supportive work environment. By valuing and promoting well-being, the manager enhances job satisfaction and productivity.  This can result in a more motivated and cohesive team dedicated to providing high-quality care and education for the children.

Effective Delegation

Delegation is a key component of strong leadership for a nursery manager. This involves the ability to assign tasks appropriately to staff. An effective nursery manager recognises the strengths and skills of each team member. Matching tasks to their capabilities and providing clear instructions and support. By distributing responsibilities, the manager not only alleviates their own workload but also fosters a sense of ownership.

Understanding of Child Development

A deep knowledge of early childhood development is fundamental for a nursery manager. This expertise enables the manager to design and implement age-appropriate activities. They will prioritise the safety, health, and well-being of the children at all times. The manager ensures that all safety protocols are strictly followed. Maintaining a clean and hazard-free environment.



Knowledge of Regulations and Standards

Ensuring compliance with all local and national regulations regarding childcare and education is a critical responsibility of a nursery manager. This involves staying updated with current laws, guidelines, and best practices. Then implementing them effectively within the nursery. This includes regular assessments, seeking feedback, and making necessary improvements to the curriculum and care practices.

Passion and Dedication

An early years nursery manager’s commitment is demonstrated through a genuine passion for early childhood education. A dedication to making a positive impact on children’s lives. This commitment is evident in their continuous efforts to improve the nursery environment. They will implement best practices, and stay informed about the latest developments in early childhood education. They bring energy and enthusiasm to the role, which inspires and motivates their team. A manager who is enthusiastic and energetic creates a positive and motivating atmosphere. Inspiring both staff and children. This vibrant approach not only enhances the learning experience for the children but also fosters a dynamic and engaging work environment for the staff.

Early years nursery managers who genuinely care about their team and the children they look after are instrumental in fostering a nurturing and supportive environment. Their team will stay loyal and thankful that they have such a caring and understanding manager. And the children will pick up on the stress free environment that they are learning in.

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