What should I do if there are no apprenticeship vacancies near me?

Are you looking for an apprenticeship but can’t find a vacancy close to you?

Even if we don’t any vacancies close to you, as long as you are located in one of the areas we work in (Dorset, Hampshire, Wiltshire, Devon & Somerset) we can still provide you with the apprenticeship training, its just a case of finding an employer to take you on.

With apprenticeship’s growing popularity as an avenue for people wanting to gain qualifications, employers are becoming more and more open to taking on an apprentice within their organisation; however, these opportunities will not appear out of thin air! If you want that opportunity then you will need to go the extra mile to find it.

If you follow our recommended steps below then you could find yourself with an apprenticeship in no time!

Step 1: Find some potential employers

Look into your local areas that you can travel to and make a list of employers relevant to the course you would like to do, (nurseries & childminders for childcare, businesses & shops for business admin, & customer service). Compile a list of potential employers.

Step 2: Do your research!

Try to find out as much as you can on the company, what do they do? What makes them different from other employers? Why would you want to work for them? All of this will be questions you will be asked at some point and you will stand a better chance of impressing them and gaining a placement.

Most importantly, try to find out the manager’s name as that is who you will want to speak to!

Step 3: Make contact

Don’t email! Remember that your first contact with the employer is when you leave your first impression!

When possible try to go in and ask for the manager so you can meet them face to face as it shows you are going that extra mile. Introduce yourself, and explain that you are looking for a placement to undertake an apprenticeship and that you would like to do it within their company.

Again this is where you leave your first impression, so make sure you dress for the occasion! Tracksuit bottoms and trainers are not appropriate for meeting with potential employers.

If you cannot get into to see them, try to at least call them so that you still have that personal contact with them.

Unsure on what to say? Follow this basic script below but feel free to personalise it to improve your chances:

“Hello, may I please speak to___________,

My name is____________, I have been researching your company and I would love to have the opportunity to work for you.

I am very keen to start a ___________ apprenticeship and was wondering if you have a vacancy for a______________ apprentice or would consider taking on an apprentice?”

Step 4: Outcome

If they say yes:

“That’s great! Thank you very much for this opportunity, I have already been in touch with Aspire Training Team to be the training provider. I will call them and ask them to make contact with you regarding this and I’m sure they can give you much more information on how the apprenticeship will work”

Make sure to get the correct contact details for the manager and then let us know, we will then make contact with the employer to get you started in your apprenticeship!

If they say no:

“Ok, thank you very much for your time today, would it be possible for me to leave my details or a copy of my CV with you in case anything changes in the future?”

You never know when an opportunity may come up within a company, so it is always a good idea to leave your details with a company when possible. Because if you leave a good impression with the manager, yours will be one of the first names they think of when one of these opportunities comes up.

Following these steps will greatly increase your chances of finding an apprenticeship, and you could be taking your first steps towards your new career before you know it!

Is you need any support during this process, please email us at info@aspiretrainingteam.co.uk

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