Where can an apprenticeship take you?

A question lots of people ask before signing on to an apprenticeship is ‘what happens after I get my qualification?’ Many people think the only way to gain a career is to attend university, but an apprenticeship can offer the same opportunities, sometimes with more benefits.

So what happens once you complete your apprenticeship?

Advance to a full time position within your company

Research shows that 87% of businesses hire their apprentices full time after completing their apprenticeship. Throughout the 12-18 months you spend with a company, you build connections with your team and have developed a good understanding of the organisation. Your employer would’ve spent a significant amount of time giving you the training you need, so hiring a brand new employee wouldn’t be as beneficial to them as it would be to keep you on.

Enrol on a higher level apprenticeship

After completing their course, some learners will enrol on a higher level apprenticeship to further their learning and skills. This could be the next level of the same course, or a different subject. For example, if you complete a business administration apprenticeship, you could progress onto a sales or management course. The higher level qualification you can achieve, the more career and progression opportunities will become available to you.

Finish your course and start something new

All apprenticeship courses lead to a transferable qualification, meaning you can take it with you into any career path you may choose. It shows future employers that you possess the skills and knowledge to fill a job role, much like your GSCE results do.

What can Aspire Training Team do for you?

Aspire Training Team can help you through every step of your apprenticeship journey. From the initial sign up, to the successful placement of each learner, through to the completion of your course, we are on hand to support you.

Find our more on our website, or speak to one of our team by calling us on 01202 879411 or emailing info@aspiretrainingteam.co.uk.

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