Why an Apprentice Could be Perfect for You

Apprentices are a huge asset to an organisation, with many companies not taking full advantage of the talent you can acquire through taking on an apprentice. Over 80% of employers who take on apprentices make the workplace more productive and make for a more motivated and satisfied workforce. Not only this, apprentices are a great help when you are trying to expand your business.

With the apprentice wage currently at £3.30 an hour (as of Feb.17), they are a small expenditure with huge rewards. You are able to fill skills gaps by training the apprentice in areas that are required to expand your business, or just enhance the skills already at your disposal by bringing fresh ideas to the table.

Not only do apprentices bring new skills to your business, they tend to be eager, flexible and most importantly they will be loyal to the organisation. As you have invested in them, to begin with.

With the new Apprenticeship Levy creating an expected 3 million apprenticeships in the UK, helping businesses to fund the training for apprenticeships and invest in the future of business. As the Levy is being introduced in April 2017, there is no time like the present to look into employing apprentices to help your business.

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