Woody’s Work Experience Success Story

Meet Woody, a shining example of how determination, passion, and the right opportunities can pave the way for a successful career. Woody’s journey with us began as a work experience student, as he moved around each department, developing his understanding of the full scope of work that each part of the business is responsible for. This is just Woody’s first stepping stone on his way to a fulfilling career.

How did you find your work experience?

The company was suggested to me and I researched the work experience opportunities on the website. I thoroughly enjoyed my placement and found it very useful and insightful.

What did you learn?

I learned about the different operational areas of the business in the head office, what their roles involved, and how they worked together in order to achieve a common goal.

Do you think completing work experience has helped you for the future?

I think that my work experience placement has helped me a lot for the future, as it has allowed me to gain a better understanding of the company and has given me practical experience, which has helped me get a better idea of the type of career I would like to go into.

Would you recommend completing work experience to other people? If so why?

I would certainly recommend doing work experience, because it can help you to develop skills and get insights in a specific industry.

What Woody’s mentors had to say about his time with Aspire.


“It was a pleasure to have Woody as part of our team last week. He really was helpful, polite and happy to work on anything he was given to do. Also, I would like to add that he did the tasks I asked him to do carefully, tidily and accurately.”
– Karen Tompkins (People Administrator)

“Woody has been great in the marketing department, showing off skills and adaptability through a variety of tasks. From writing engaging blog posts to designing graphics for our social media platforms, he demonstrated great written skills and creativity. Additionally, Woody efficiently organised certificates for our tree planting initiative with Ecology and help organise our basement filled with marketing materials. Woody was polite and friendly, which made him a pleasure to have around for the day. We are grateful for his valuable contributions.”
– Ellen Wentworth (Marketing Manager)

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